Our Community - Business Support

CoBiz Financial is committed to serving the complete financial needs of not-for-profits in both of our communities. We take a thoughtful, integrated, comprehensive approach to meeting each customer's needs. Below is a brief description of how our companies provide specialized services to non-profit organizations.

Colorado Business Bank & Arizona Business Bank
Colorado Business Bank and Arizona Business Bank customize banking solutions to help you maximize efficiency, protect your accounts and increase yields on your operating cash - creating more funds available to deliver on your mission. Colorado Business Bank and Arizona Business Bank have extensive experience in providing financing for working capital needs, as well as helping organizations evaluate the benefits of permanent taxable and tax-exempt financing. Both banks have the expertise to create customized financing solutions including restructuring existing debt, new facility and equipment acquisition, and can also help tailor financing in conjunction with capital campaigns.

To learn more about our banking services, visit cobizbank.com or azbizbank.com.

Colorado Business Bank, Arizona Business Bank, CoBiz Private Bank and CoBiz Structured Finance are part of CoBiz Bank – Member FDIC

CoBiz Insurance

CoBiz Insurance can perform a comprehensive analysis of your insurance coverage--including health and benefits, liability, D&O, property & casualty, workers' compensation, etc.--to evaluate the completeness and competitiveness of your coverage. In addition, CoBiz Insurance will provide you with recommendations and resources for improving and/or maintaining your coverage.

To learn more about our insurance services, visit cobizinsurance.com.

CoBiz Wealth

CoBiz Wealth has managed assets of local foundations, endowments and family offices for several decades using a fee-only structure. CoBiz Wealth can help you to reach your short- and long-term financial goals; optimize yields on operating and endowment accounts; customize solutions for your organization's needs; and - most importantly - track, process and report your portfolio adjustments.

To learn more about our wealth management services, visit cobizwealth.com.

Educational Seminars

CoBiz Financial companies provide a variety of complimentary seminars and webinars to our customers and partners. Whether it's learning about future tax liability increases or finding out how to recruit and retain top talent within your organization, we seek to offer timely, educational topics that can help both our non-profit and for-profit businesses.

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