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At CoBiz Financial, we believe success lies in having vision while not losing sight of the small things. Our approach is to provide the right mix of services that address the needs of our customers; to build a long-term relationship that grows and changes as they do; and to free them from financial worries so they can be fully invested in their careers and lives.

We started small – with two bank locations and $100 million in assets in 1994 – but always thought big. As we've grown, we haven't forgotten that no detail is unimportant when it comes to taking care of our customers. CoBiz Financial seeks to deliver banking, insurance, investment banking and investment advisory services that meet and anticipate the changing needs of businesses, business owners and professionals.

Our focus is on serving the needs of our clients at all stages of their lives, from planning (loans and depository services, or capital planning) through preservation (trust, investment management and wealth transfer services). We continue to look for new and exciting opportunities to grow our company and introduce our services to new customers and audiences.

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821 17th St.
Denver, CO 80202

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